Our Company

Southfork Security is a proven cybersecurity startup specializing in product development, professional services and consulting to strengthen the security capabilities of our customers. With decades of combined cyber and industry experience, Southfork Security is an elite team of security professionals who share the same passion and skill for hacking and a dedication to enhancing our customers’ security capabilities. After launching in March 2013, we’ve been busy creating new tools, solidifying our brand, and helping to make the world a more secure place – one customer at a time.

Our People

Although Southfork Security employees come from a wide variety of backgrounds, specialties and geographic locations we have two things in common – a passion and skill for what we do. We are constantly involved in security community events, hacker fights and competitions to keep our skills up, and donating our time to open source projects. We empower our people to strengthen their skills and capabilities because we know that the value will come back to you – our customer.

Our Achievements

Southfork researchers have successfully helped a wide variety of customers throughout their careers and established a reputation as knowledgeable and trustworthy security professionals. We have published open source tools that were well received and given talks at various conferences about important security topics. We participate, and routinely place, in various security competitions around the globe including the infamous Defcon Capture-the-flag in which over five hundred teams participate from around the globe.

The infosec adepts at Southfork Security are ready to help.

Email info@southforksecurity.com with any questions or to request information