Battelle Energy Alliance v. Southfork Security

The case has been resolved through settlement. View the final settlement agreement here. We are in the process of acting on the agreement. More information to follow. We thank you all for your support thus far and we will continue to support FOSS projects.

The Visdom tool has come under significant scrutiny recently when Battelle Energy Alliance (BEA) filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement. BEA claims that Visdom is a copy of their tool, Sophia. While both projects aim to achieve similar goals (network awareness), Visdom is written from scratch in different programming languages and could not in any way be a copyright infringement.

Nearly 8 months ago Corey Thuen and later Kris Watts began developing Visdom. The original concept consisted of visualization, fingerprinting, and whitelisting -- common elements of network awareness. Visdom has always been intended to be open source, as Southfork Security understands the importance of openness in security applications.

Additional note to the community: The judge for this case, B. Lynn Winmill, is as his reputation suggests: fair and impartial. Southfork Security does not condone any retaliation or slander based on his decisions, no matter what they may be.

Court Docs

The following are publically available documents that have been mirrored on our server for ease of access. The list will be updated as more documents become available. (We make no promise it is complete)

Media Coverage

Southfork is grateful for the community and all the media attention this case has generated. Southfork has no affiliation with these organizations but appreciates any and all open dialogue.

Legal Defense Fund

The indiegogo campaign has ended but we will leave this link for posterity.

Southfork is at a tremendous economic disadvantage in this case. As a new small business, it is simply impossible to defend ourselves against a government contractor of Battelle's size. If free software and hacking are things you are also passionate about, please consider visiting our indiegogo campaign and contributing. All money leftover will go straight to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Thanks for your support, and we’ll keep you updated on twitter (@southforksec) and Google Plus (

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