Visdom: Conquer Your Network

Odin sacrificed his eye at Mímir's spring in order to gain the Wisdom of Ages. Now it's available to you (go ahead and keep your eye though, we're good).

What is Visdom?

For Industrial Control System security personnel who are charged with understanding their network and spend many hours configuring security systems (e.g. firewalls), Visdom is a situational awareness tool that increases knowledge, improves security, and saves time. Unlike traditional IT security systems, Visdom was designed with ICS in mind and works by looking for things that AREN'T GOOD rather than trying to find things that MIGHT BE BAD.

Visdom is an open-source situational awareness tool (initial source release will be with first stable version). It was designed with control system security in mind and serves to help you do your job better.

Visdom takes information about what's happening on your network and presents it in a meaningful way that allows you to quickly identify issues to drill into further.

Key Features

  • Passive, online, real time conversation analysis; no interaction with your network
  • Network traffic visualization in a 3D graphical environment
  • Safe to use in a production environment - no installing agents here
  • Works with new and legacy systems
  • Ease of use - can be learned quickly
  • Cross Platform - runs on windows, mac, linux, and mobile devices
  • Detects conversations and alerts on those that are not part of normal operations (network whitelisting)
  • Fingerprint export for offline analysis

Additional Info

Fork me on GitHub

Live Visdom Demo (Alpha v0.2.0)

We're currently looking for early adopters who are interested in providing feedback to make Visdom exactly what you need it to be.

We're also offering support contracts to those users who need them. We can assist with architecture consultation, installation, support issues, and more.

For more information you can email us directly at

The infosec adepts at Southfork Security are ready to help.

Email with any questions or to request information