YAAWN: Make monitoring your network boring.

Yet Another Awareness and Whitelisting Network Tool (YAAWN) is a Free and Open Source Software Project we're developing. We're experimenting with not just an open source but open development process as well. We'll be video documenting the entire development process. The project will be getting underway shortly and more information will appear here as we progress.

What is YAAWN?

We want to create a network tool using modern technologies and development techniques that is cross-platform and free in order to benefit the largest number of people.

Key Features

  • Free and Open Source
  • Cross-Platform (windows, mac, android, iOS)

Additional Info

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For more information you can email us directly at info@southforksecurity.com.

The infosec adepts at Southfork Security are ready to help.

Email info@southforksecurity.com with any questions or to request information